Introduction to MVVM Architecture on Android

Ever since Google announced Architecture Components, MVVM is the most popular architecture choice for Android Developers. However, Google didn’t invent the MVVM Arch pattern, matter of fact MVVM is there for a long time, and was used in Android apps as well even before the Arch Components came out. In this course, we’ll learn the fundamentals of MVVM.
  • Author: Rivu Chakraborty
  • Level: Beginner / Intermediate
  • Video time: 60 minutes
  • Study time: 2 hours
  • Sample Project Included: Yes
  • Learning Path: Junior Developer

A few more words about this course

We’ll go through the MVVM architecture pattern and what it actually means, we’ll go through different ways to implement MVVM in Android, with or without Arch components.
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By the end of the course you will have mastered:

  • Fundamentals of MVVM
  • Implementing MVVM in the Android app

Meet the instructor

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Rivu Chakraborty

Google Developer Expert & Lead Engineer - Android
Rivu Chakraborty is a community person, an Android & Kotlin developer, one of the early adopters of Kotlin. He has contributed to multiple Kotlin and Android Development books including authoring Reactive Programming in Kotlin, co-authoring Functional Kotlin the first-ever book to help Kotlin developers learn Functional Programming and use Arrow-kt in their projects, and co-authoring Hands-On Data Structures and Algorithms with Kotlin.  Along with organizing community & events, he also speaks at events/conferences and local meetups. More details on his speaking activities are here